About Us


Accompanied by the well-known commercial purposes, honoring human being is set as a fundamental goal by our company.

Because we know that society will become civilized at the rate of human-oriented life opportunities provided to individuals and consequently the earth will become much more livable for humanity.


In this frame GÜVEN is a company;

  • Serving in lifting and lashing business,
  • Keeping the overall customer costs at minimum and maximizing the customer performance through the instrument of distinctive products and services,
  • Using accurate analysis and matching methods to understand the customer,
  • Regarding economic products as key and offering them as an alternative as well as high-performance products,
  • Delivering its products timely and seamlessly by means of its efficient stock structure and organization.


  • Serving for more than 30 years.
  • Providing accurate solutions to 22 different sectors.
  • Carrying on business at its 5 different premises covering 6000 m2 closed area.
  • Serving with the staff of 50 employees.
  • Continuing marketing and sales activities in Turkey’s 7 regions covering 81 provinces.
  • Exporting to around 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Supplying materials from its 2.000 tons of special and general purpose steel wire rope stock to sectors.
  • Providing services to approximately 2500 registered partners.
  • Having 16 quality, utility model and trademark registration certificates.
  • Having 50 domestic and foreign suppliers.


With the right supply chain management and advanced operation capability, we serve in the “Steel Rope and Lifting Technologies” sector where development, innovation and rapid changes are all essential.

With our supplier brand profile; we take an active role in many different sectors such as Elevator, Port, Mine, Iron Steel, Fishing, Construction, Crane Manufacturing, Drilling, Marble, Suspended Scaffold, Project Cargo Transportation, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Marine, Cement, Cable Car and Oil – Gas. We also offer reliable and immediate solutions to all of our business partners.

While we procure high performance products from global business partners, we

acquire the general purpose product from the well – known suppliers of Turkey.