Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Steel Rope Slings and Chain Slings Production, Elevator Balance Chain Production, Steel Ropes and Accessories, Polyester Cloth Slings, Fasteners, Lifting and Puller Equipment Purchase, Import Export Marketing Sales and Engineering Services”, our knowledge and experience today combining;

• About customer expectations, meeting expectations well,
• With the most suitable and fastest solution alternatives,
• With the principle of continuous improvement in quality management systems,
• By following the innovations and developments in the sector,
• It realizes with the active participation of all our employees.

Manufacturing, import, export, customer expectations and needs are made in our company. Our priority is to bring the customer satisfaction bar to the top.
The purpose of existence of our company;

• Our brand with our product and service quality,
• Our continuity with the awareness of investing in the future,
• Our Corporate Identity, Employment Capacity and Compliance with the Law,
• Our Efficiency in the Industry and Competitiveness in the Market.

Our employee is one of our most important values. In order to ensure that our personnel are active and social individuals with professional competence, morale and motivation are kept high through regular trainings. Personel Excellent Service and Product understanding of our staff as a style, our quality system performs flawless operation. Our aim is to have one of the most important market of the sector in steel wire rope and lifting technology preferred by the customers who make the most successful quality application.

Our successful position and appreciation references after high customer satisfaction with quality with the most appropriate costs, quality service with team work and after-sales support encourages us to do our job better.

Our most important goal is to be a stronger company in the Steel Wire Rope and Lifting Technology sector alongside our customers with the successful financial results we have achieved in all of our main activities.

We, as GÜVEN STEEL WIRE ROPE AND LIFTING TECHNOLOGY, declare and undertake to implement this policy in accordance with the above-mentioned principles.

General Manager